BiliBee LED

BiliBee LED

Product Description

Revolutionizing the Phototherapy Industry

For more than three decades, phototherapy has been the standard for treating neonatal jaundice.

Portable and Maintenance Free

The BiliBee LED pad provides a completely portable and maintenance free system by eliminating the fiber optic cable found on competitors’ phototherapy systems. Treatment is applied by placing the patient on the BiliBee for 24 hours a day until the infant’s bilirubin levels have been effectively lowered to an acceptable level according to AAP guidelines.

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Disposable Sheaths

The disposable sheaths are used to cover the LED illuminator pad like a sleeve as a barrier between the patient and the LED pad during treatment.

Continuous Operation

The BiliBee can be plugged in for extended use, but also comes equipped with a battery pack which provides an operation time of  four hours.

Maintenance Free

The BiliBee is maintenance
free with no moving parts
or fiber optic cables,
which further reduces hospital
or distributor expenses.


The BiliBee LED Phototherapy System comes with a one-year warranty that can extend up to five years.


The system is certified to IEC60601-2-50 “Particular Requirement for the Safety of Infant Phototherapy Equipment.”


Smaller and lighter
than fiber optic units,
the BiliBee is easier for
nursing mothers to use.



  • Light Band Width Peak: 455- 485 nm
  • Irradiance Level: High setting: High Output Pad:
  • 60 ± 10 μW/cm2/nm*
  • Mode of Operation: Designed for continuous operation.

*Irradiance level is the average of six points on the illuminator pad.

Physical Characteristics
  • Illuminator Pad Size: 4” W x 8” L x 0.4” H
  • Treatment Area: 4” W X 6” L
  • System Weight: Light panel < 0.5 lb
  • Battery pack < 0.5 lb

Environmental/Storage Conditions
  • Operating Temperature: 15°C to 40°C (59°F to 140°F)
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 500 hPa to 1060 hPa
  • Storage Temperature: -5 to + 60°C (23 to 140°F)

Portable Battery Pack
  • 1.0 A at 3.3V
  • Over-current Protection

Electrical Characteristics
  • AC Input Voltage: 1 A at 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Wattage: 50 watts maximum over- current protection
  • Output Voltage: DC output voltage 1.0 A at 3.3V

Key Elements for Phototherapy
  • Irradiance intensity
  • Light spectrum
  • Surface area coverage
  • Distance

AAP Guidelines
  • Irradiance level at least 30 μW•cm²•nm
  • Wavelength between 430-490 nm
  • Larger surface area, especially for combating extremely high bilirubin levels
  • Distance between the infant and the light source is critical to spectral irradiance level

BiliBee Phototherapy System
  • Irradiance level at 60 μW•cm²•nm with disposable cover
  • Greater spectral range of 420-530 nm (peak 455-485 nm)
  • Provides full coverage of neonate’s back
  • For the most effective treatment, the BiliBee is placed in direct contact with the infant’s skin.


At home or on the go, the BiliBee provides intense treatment wherever it’s needed.

So convenient, mother and baby will forget it’s even there!





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