Neb Doctors offers the highest quality products throughout the United States for nebulizer patients of all ages seeking the very best respiratory treatment.

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The BiliBee is a portable, maintenance-free system that is revolutionizing the phototherapy industry in neonatal jaundice treatment.

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Breast Pumps

Neb Doctors helps moms understand the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, making the decision to breastfeed a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

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Our Patient Promise

Our team understands the importance of selecting the right product for use with your respiratory medications.

By partnering with the staff of your clinic, Neb Doctors distributes the best nebulizer systems, accessories and other respiratory care products shortly after diagnosis.

How Patients Benefit

  • Hands-On Instruction
    Receives instruction from a healthcare provider while in the practice on the proper use of the actual nebulizer being prescribed
  • No Delays
    Eliminates the delays and hassles of shopping for and locating the prescribed medical equipment, while caring for a sick child
  • Highest Quality
    Takes home the highest quality equipment available, which is covered by industry leading warranty of 5 years

Patient Billing Process

Insurance Billing
Neb Doctors will bill your health insurance plan for the purchase of the prescribed nebulizer equipment according to your plan. If for any reason, your plan or insurance company will not pay for the equipment or will only pay for a portion or is applied to your deductible, or you are a private pay patient, you will be responsible for the payment of the resulting balance for this equipment. If you are Medicaid patient, you will not be billed for any balances.
Insurance Coverage
Your physician does not check your coverage for benefits for nebulizers and cannot guarantee coverage or payment from your plan or insurance company.
Yours to Keep
The nebulizer equipment is not a rental and is yours to keep and use. Please note that most plans allow for one nebulizer every 3-4 years.