Breast Pumps



We provide research-based solutions to support and protect breastmilk feeding. Medela’s primary focus is breastfeeding – by helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and do so for as long as they choose.



Looking for a 2-Phase Expression pump that could be covered by your insurance? You’ve found it. The Pump In Style® Advanced Breastpump Starter Set is part of Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression technology pump family.

  • 2-Phase Expression technology is proven to get 18%* more milk when double pumping
  • Fits perfectly into Medela's breastpump bags (sold separately)
  • Only uses authentic Medela spare parts



Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression® technology
Compact motor in a soft bag
Adjustable speed/vacuum control
One-touch let-down button



Proven to get 18%* more milk when double pumping.
Fits perfectly into Medela’s breastpump bags (sold separately) for a complete portable solution.
Helps you choose your most comfortable setting.
Lets you toggle between Stimulation and Expression phases for more efficient pumping sessions.

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